I’m turning green

I had the silliest thought this morning. I woke up, sleepily made my coffee, and then made my son’s breakfast and lunch. As I went through my daily morning routine, a thought kept rinjing through my mind. And, that was that I’m turning green. I quickly wrote it […]

My crunchy neck

Two years ago, after I returned from my South Africa trip, my knees were torn and I did close to 50 physical therapy sessions. Yes, I had great health care coverage as they offered even more sessions. I loved those sessions not so much for the physical therapy […]

Maudlin wallpaper

The timer keeps sounding. Tick tick tick. If that is how an alarm sounds. How did we first come to describe a clock’s sound that way? Not that it matters. Sound is sound. And repetitive sound just goes round and round. Annoyingly so. The dog, meanwhile, is underfoot […]