Dinner parties with the haters

A long time ago I used to love throwing dinner parties. I enjoyed cooking “non-traditional” dishes and having people just sit and chat at a small table. One time I went through with a dinner even though a hurricane had just ripped through the neighborhood a few hours […]

The etiquette of opening presents

I like following rules of etiquette. Well, many of them. They set a prescribed order that can actually facilitate social interactions and gatherings. Many see etiquette as old, antiquated norms. Yet, isn’t lovely to know that your bread at the dinner table is the one to your left? […]

23 hours ago

Yes, 23 hours ago. I want to be sedated. Yes, the Ramones noted twenty-four hours to go, they want to be sedated. My twist is that 23 hours ago, I wanted to be sedated. Yes, get me into my dreams. Good dreams. No weird, Indiana-jones like, lucid dreams. […]