I’m dripping yellow

Running I’m running so hard for you to find me Running so sad Boxing to climb the world Biting so mad Pounding the pavement Toxically so bad Baiting your senses For you are a cad Answering the clarion call But it’s just a fad Fading outwards and back […]

Black rain strikes again

    You are in a lot of pain right now. Your body aches from your own inflicted wounds. Black rain strikes again. Your ego now hurts from your paranoia. Your mind now throbs from being outsmarted. Black rain strikes again. Your laugh hurts from your wicked strikes. […]

Freedom to be

Freedom to be Me A butterfly A mother A boxer A dog-lover A candy cane girl A dancer A daughter A thinker A wave rider A scientist An executive An advocate A colorful personality A rock n roller A city girl An ocean wanderer Emotional Right On-point Your […]