If you heard that spoon drop it’s ’cause I’m eating a bowl of fruit loops

I was recently, at midnight, watching a stand-up comedy special to try to help me sleep.  I specifically was watching John Mulvaney’s latest stand-up special. The one after his rehab stint.  It was funny. It was self-deprecating. It was timely. I think, in many ways, there are a ton of people who could relate to his journey to sobriety.  Even though his story contained a story about a $10,000 plus rolex watch, he pawned off. The story was hilarious and showcased the extent people will go through to get their fix. I’m not here to talk about that. I do that at work.

I’m here to talk about the random thoughts that can enter our heads, get verbalized, and are listened to by others as if they are meaningful.

Sometimes, just by the nature of our job or our title, our words are given special consideration even when they are absolutely ridiculous and cuckoo for cocoa puffs in nature. I myself have said some random stuff in meetings to see whether anyone is listening.

Anyway, John Mulvaney hilariously related an interview he gave to a magazine during which he was absolutely high.  During the interview, he said the most ridiculous stuff that got published. At one point, he said to the interviewer  “If you heard that spoon drop, it’s ’cause I’m eating a bowl of fruit loops.” Oh, ok. Why not?

I think I will say that at my next meeting and see what happens.

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  1. SMiLes my Wife Always Laughs When A Group Of Folks Believe

    They Have me Captured on Their Video Voyeur Machines While

    i Public Dance And Then Suddenly Seemingly in my Own

    Little/Big World of Never Ending Spiraling Fast Dance

    Suddenly i am In Front of them

    With Around A 10 Minute

    Fred-Talk And Perhaps

    Thousands Upon Thousands

    of Fred-Story Words i Need Not Repeat

    What i Dance And Sing Here Again as You’ve
    Likely Heard it Before Never the Less my Wife

    Says What’s So Hilarious Is Every Thing i Tell Them

    Seems Completely Unbelievable Yet is it Verifiably

    True All in the Size of A 6 Inch Screens The Looks

    i Get When the Evidence Comes Are


    When Horatio
    Finds Out Ripley
    Believe it or not is True

    With SMiLes of Course as It’s
    Not Really about me it’s about what

    They Might Still Achieve Totally Free

    in LoVE iN


    on Earth
    Within For Free

    That Part though is
    Almost Ineffable to Fully
    Share Eternally Now of Course…

    Yes It’s Sort of the Opposite of What
    You Describe as Being an ‘Official’

    Others Listening to You For Gospel Truth
    For Your Expertise Per Titled Position No Matter

    What You Say



    So Easy to Keep it
    That Way Just Continue Doing More…

    As True For the Most Part The Good
    Old Folks Where i Come From Were

    Clapping in the Audience For Trump
    At the Town Hall on CNN Vicariously
    From Afar Just Minion continuing to

    Support Every Word that Comes Out
    of the Mouth of Lies Incorporated iNCaRNaTE

    For Real


    Like A
    Come True Out
    of A Non-Sense
    Poem at the End of A
    Book That Never the Less
    Comes True Falsely AS Such

    For Real…

    Dear Lord
    Even Stranger
    Than That Fiction..:)

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