mental health

A void of answers

Abstract, not intact

Imagination run amok

Contours clashing

The meaning of it all hidden

A void of answers

Could be, may be

No set forth truth

Left to wonder and wander


There is a there

But the layers are too heavy

The gooey center is too thick

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam i Remember my Psychiatrist in The Dead Zone
    66 Months Days oF All Pain and Numb With No Prognosis At All For
    Recovery Then As
    He Said The Brain
    Does Wacky Things
    When We Cannot See
    Any Escape Trapped With
    Our Problems in Life As i Used
    To Dream i Was Swimming in Desert
    Sands ThiS Way The Inertia So Great
    No FRiEnDS with Gravity At All
    Balancing That Way Just
    Eyes Ears And The
    Rest of me
    Living in Desert
    Sands Trying To Get
    A Drop of Water to One Day
    Rise Up And Float FRiEnDS With Gravity Again
    For What It’s Worth i Breathed The Dark i Breath
    The LiGHT
    NeWLY NoW
    Both A Greatest
    Curse And Gift As Well
    My Mother Said This Too Shall Pass
    i Had No Emotion of Hope or A Feeing
    of A SMiLE to Make That Happen Then
    Yet Strangely Enough When LoVE iN
    Peace Returned my Doctor Said Just
    By Looking at me Before She
    Saw my Blood Test
    The Results Then
    Would Be Remarkably
    Better As She Developed
    A Way to Test Her Intuitions
    By Whether Her Patients Glowed With Life Or Not…
    There Was No Glow Before Not Even A Night LiGHT in the Ocean Deep..:)


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