I want to catch a farewell concert

What was the last live performance you saw?

It’s been ages since I saw a performance in some kind of stage. I have actually been quite fortunate to watch live performances-really good jazz ones- on the block down from me in Brooklyn. That is one beautiful, awesome part of being in New York City.

Actually, I misled myself. The last live musical performance I caught was in Seattle at Pike’s Market.  I caught the Party Cats. Everyone needs a hook.

While that was a bit of spontaneous fun, I want to go to a big concert. I’d like to go to a farewell concert. A last of a kind. Of course, many performers these days have multiple farewell tours. They just can’t seem to quit us.

I still regret never seeing Prince in concert. I thought he’d be around for a while. Or rather, I just didn’t think about mortality. Yikes.

But it’s time I make that list.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam

    The Bigger The Concert

    The More Human Energy

    To Ascend Transcend

    For One Group

    Force of

    WitH SMiLes

    i STaRT mY Own Party…

    (mY Kinda Concerts Not
    My Wife’s Cup of Tea
    While i Drive ‘Ms Daisy’)

    The Nice Automated Cashier

    Assistant at Publix A Real Human

    Being Asked My Wife How Long We Had

    Been Married And When She Responded

    33 Years

    She Said

    Your Public
    Dancing Husband

    (For 9 Years and
    9 Months Real)

    Yes Really Has A Name

    Around Town Ironically Hehe Not Mine…
    And Once Again i’ll Damned Sure Keep it That Way Hehe..;)


  2. I saw Prince. It was phenomenal.
    I don’t like concerts very much, because of the noise and the number of people.
    I’m going to see Janet Jackson in June. That should be fun!


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