Most risks are not worth regretting

Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

A few years ago, a primary care provider noted I’m high in sensation-seeking. I don’t like rollercoasters. Don’t care too much for ziplining. I’m not keen on parachuting out of an airplane. But maybe one day.  However, I do believe in taking big risks in work. Go big or go home. And, for the most part, that has worked.

Even when my risks have not turned out as hoped, I have managed to move on and engage in a process of self-reflection. In said process, I help myself not regret my risk-taking.

The one thing that is really hard for me to get over is when I take a chance trusting someone and they let me down. I feel such an action as if it were like a dagger to the chest. Not a knife in my back. Put a hit on the heart. Trust is to be earned, and when it’s abused, it may make you risk-averse when it comes to trusting people. However, you eventually have to trust people. Your spirit, humanity, and sanity call for it.

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  1. Regret is not useful and bingeing on it is unhealthy. If you can own it and walk away a wiser person without filling your life with, “What if?” you’ll be a happier person.

    For every what if that could have succeeded spectacularly, there’s another that could have destroyed you. One makes the past a burden and the other fills you with fear. Together they paralyze.

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  2. Finely Tuned Sensation Seeking And Spreading

    in Terms of Radiating New Feelings and Senses With

    Others is Where i’ll Go Yet As Far as Mountain Climbing

    in Flow on Task For the Exhilaration of the Complexity of That

    Hell No

    What Good Does

    A Dead Hero Do

    For the Rest of the World

    It’s True It’s Not All about me

    And As Some Studies Show in Psychology

    All That Really Separates A Villain From a Hero

    Is A Hero Has Levels of Empathy And Compassion

    Where They Can’t Easily Separate Themselves From the Needs of

    Others Willing to Take

    Risks in Activities

    That Seek the Sensation
    to Help Others As Far as
    Empathy and Compassion

    Will Carry LoVE iN Wings That Care
    Yes Give Share and Heal As Well Nah

    i’ve Got too much to Do Than Scale Cliffs

    Other Than That Still terrified of Heights

    Don’t Call me to Get Your Cat Out of

    the Tree Tops Hehe We All

    Have Our Special

    Skills to Help Dear Miriam

    If We Try to Expand Our Reach
    i Went to A Leadership Class for Our
    County Selected for the Position i Was
    in Serving the Military in a Civilian Status

    Hehe, the First Thing They Said is Like Las Vegas

    What Happens Here stays Here Oh Lord Sensation

    Seeking Weekend it Was Other than the Class at Hand

    Yet Back Then the Entire Environment of the World

    Overwhelmed me

    as i Sat Alone in

    The Bar and Other
    Folks Traded Rooms at the Hotel…

    It Was the First Time i Had Been Away
    From my Wife for a Night in 14 Years i
    Just wanted to go Home i just wanted to go home…

    Now i’m

    A Mix

    i Can Go
    Father than my Neighborhood…

    my Spidey Feelings and Senses


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