Apologizing into the air is sadness

In my head, I softly apologized

I asked for forgiveness hoping to clear my mind

But because the words are unsaid

There is no response

Apologizing into the air is sadness

I’m now hungry, tired, and alone

Forgiveness living in my synapses

Waiting for the weight to be lifted

Knowing that burden will always be there

Don’t be sad

Life’s reality is just that

Eventually, a path forward illuminates itself

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  1. Indeed Dear Miriam

    Apologies Without

    Places to Land

    Will Be A Lonely

    Place For Healing to
    Come For Real Within

    Of Course As Forgiveness
    Becomes the Apology Within…

    And The One

    Who May


    Most FinAlly
    Receives it SaMe..:)


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