The yard is too yummy and causing a raucous

I have two dogs. They are complete polar opposites of one another. One’s small, the other large. One’s gray, the other black. One is a goofball, and the other is feisty. They both love to snuggle and are very endearing.

The problem we have is that our yard is too yummy. The dear have a feast with our yard. They munch, munch, munch. And, have no fear whatsoever of us. They stare at us while munching away.

While they feast away, the dogs, meanwhile, bark away as if there were super-human intruders in the house. The barking is led by the small one during which he riles up the big one. Yesterday, they must have barked like madmen for over two hours.

At the end of the day, we were all completely exhausted. Well, that is all except the dear. They were beyond calm, enjoying a good meal or two.

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  1. Thresh Hold of Peace

    Love of Nature With

    SMiLes Dear Miriam

    Nice to Hear You Are Communing

    With the Deer So Much More Cozy Hehe

    It Seems Than High Rise Apartments or Condos

    In New York New York No Matter How High They Rise

    At Least From

    my Beginning

    of End Deep

    iN A Forest of
    Eden as Well WHere

    All the Fur and Wings Are Free
    Naked Enough Whole Complete

    All Of uS AGAiN iN Eden Free

    Leaf Holding Tree Thresh

    Hold Green Falling Leaves

    Refreshing Spring

    Book of Dreams

    Come to Life For
    Real With SMiLes

    Summer FLoWeRinG

    Oh What LoVE iN Peace
    Nature BRinGS to All Who Are Truly Free..:)


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