Here’s to hoping for solid ground and a little less gray

What makes you nervous?

Just last week, a medical provider came into the exam room and grabbed my hands. He asked me whether I was nervous as I appeared to be. I looked at him and noted, I was not necessarily nervous about the actual biopsy. Instead, I was weary and fatigued from months of constant medical exams and grief. The first four months of this year have not been kind to me.

Interestingly, for me, I have made a number of presentations during this same time period, and I have been sharp and on point. No nerves. I have even been witty and charming.

Am I nervous amidst all my life changes? No. However, the world is rapidly changing around us. Who knows how things will change by this summer? I’m usually quite ok with gray and nuance, but there just has been a bit way too much of it lately.

Here’s to hoping for solid ground.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam

    i Used to Have

    Nerves of Steel

    Eventually Predictably

    They Rusted And Broke

    Now i Have Nerves of Willow

    River i Simply Bend And Flow

    As Obstacles Come and Go Yet

    You See A Key is

    River And Willow

    Have No One Now

    Willing WHeRE They Go

    As True i Even Empty Myself

    of me Letting Willow Sway River Flow

    Nerves of Steel Might Force me to Write Lines
    From One Side of Page to Other Equally Yet Only



    Else Directs
    me WHere to Go

    True THere is A me Beyond
    me to Set Free as Yes That is all that is…

    Sum Of All Rivers and Willows Come to Be…

    That Might Be A Bit Deep Hehe Yet What Will



    Oceans Sing

    Waves Winds
    Oceans Falling From Above Dancing

    Below RiSinG NewLY NoW in All Our
    Blood Streams Living Trees CoLoRinG Free..:)


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