Ten years from now, it is inconsequential

I remember when we were asked during job interviews where you see yourself in five years. We were supposed to have some grand plan that was impressive. Watch an old Dick Clark’s bandstand where Madonna premiered, and she was asked about the future. Do you know what she said? Madonna answered simply, “To rule the world.” Word! Nice! Why not?

Those of us who currently go through job interviews should never be asked that question. Those of us, including myself, who were asked that question four years ago, totally got it wrong. The pandemic happened. It upended all our visions. How could anyone guess where they would be in five years, yet alone 10 years? This is now a non-question.

Ten years from now? I honestly don’t know how to even conceive of that. Those who were asked that question three years ago completely got the question wrong. I think I’ll just say I want to rule the world and see what people say.

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  1. SMiLes 9 Years 8 Months
    And 27 Days Ago i Decided
    to Rule My World Dear Miriam
    It’s True i’ll Let the Others Have
    A Go At the Rest oF iT
    With SMiLes
    After i Decided to
    Do it on July 19th, 2013
    Standing On A Beach Literally
    And Metaphorically RiSinG Out
    of Hell Within Most All the Pain And
    Numb of A Synergy in Life Threat of
    19 Medical Disorders Melting Away
    Becoming One Then With Sugar White Sands
    Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats Swaying in the
    Breeze Sea Gull Wings Spiraling Around the Sun
    Soon Enough Not Only Transforming into Poetic
    Free FLoWinG 11.5 MiLLioN Words of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’ Yet A Free
    Meditating FLoWinG Dance All Around my Local World From Within to
    The Outside
    Above So Below
    And All Around Too
    For 18,144 Miles As of Tonight…
    True THere is A Place Beyond All
    KNoWinG True THeRE iS A Place
    of Deeper Soulful Intuition That Comes
    To A Faith in Always Now Forevermore Still To Come New
    Well Yes Statistically At Least it Seems 3 Months 3 Days to Make
    10 Years Is As Likely As Almost 117 Months Before Now To Breathe
    A Faith of Giving Sharing
    Caring Healing Every Way
    i Go Newly Now Still To Come
    Free True
    It Starts Within And One
    Becomes So Engaged THere
    is No Fear And Only 100 Percent
    Faith Continuing to Flow Up And Above
    The Below
    of Before Yes
    Of Course It Helps
    Not to Have to Work For
    Pay Oh Lord The Benefits
    of Finally Escaping the Golden
    Benefits Handcuffs Trying to Stay
    While the Ship Sinks
    When Ya
    Find Out
    Ya Own the
    Whole Boat Anchors
    For Safe Harbors and
    Sails to LiVE iN NeW Edens For Real
    Yet Ya FeeL And Sense Honestly After
    Enduring the Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
    The Worst Pain Known to Humankind No Drug
    Would Touch For 66 Month From Wake to Sleep
    Along With the Rest of the Life Threat in Synergy
    of 18 Medical Disorders And Then Coming Back From
    All the Pain
    And Numb
    Then of Never
    Even Remembering
    The Feelings of A SMiLE
    THere is A Kind of Faith
    Named Perspective That
    Is A Reality of Gratitude So
    Great That There is No Room Any More For No Thanks…
    i’ve Lost The Effective Ability to Use my Eyes, Ears, Taste,
    Smell, Touch, And Even A Next Breath of Life Oh Dear Lord
    Along With the Memory of
    Ever Feeling A Smile In Life
    God Yes Just Newly to Have
    All That Returning STiLL NoW
    to Feel and Sense And Breathe
    Freely Now Oh Dear Lord the
    Rest Is Just Icing Newly on the
    Heaven Now i Didn’t Fully Realize
    i Was Born With From the Very Start
    It’s True Life is All About Perspectives
    THere Are Days We May Be Most Blessed
    When WHeRE We
    Lose it All
    To Finally
    Find What
    We Already
    Are Born With
    As Such A Greatest Gift Just Breathing
    Just Feeling And Sensing All Alive With SMiLes…
    Yet Obviously A View i Rarely Will Ever Be Able to Fully Give to Others…
    Yet Oh Dear Lord Always An Opportunity to See How Others Breathe
    So Very
    Than me Gaining
    Wisdom Gratefully To Stay
    WHeRE i AM Now Newly Even More..:)


  2. But you still have to plan. For education costs. For retirement costs – you wouldn’t want to depend on government largesse – we’re a long way from universal health and old age care, and the demographics are that people are having fewer kids, even in India.
    You have to make plans, knowing they are at best a guess or a straight-line projection of the present, and utterly unreliable.
    We did – and should have spent more money on fun stuff and travel BEFORE I caught ME/CFS and it became a struggle to get through each day. I tell my kids that.
    You can’t predict, but the time will pass, and there you will be.


  3. I loved this! I love that you have no idea. That you can’t even conceive this concept. It’s crazy how people can say “I will be doing … in ten years”. I don’t even know what I will be doing next year!


  4. Mimi, I don’t believe you should always listen to what others say. Throughout my life, I haven’t had many people that would genuinely listen to what I had to say rather than react to it. We are all experience-based beings, and everyone’s experiences are wide and unique.

    People are frightened, and I believe this is also what the Media tries to convey. I recall occasions during the Pandemic when close friends and family members fell into a deep depression due to watching too much television. Besides, if it isn’t the Pandemic, there’s always something else, a war, high prices, and who knows what else is on the horizon.

    I just stopped watching TV, trusting others, and basing my emotions on them. Being brave shouldn’t happen only because others push you up or whether they believe in you or not. It’s about doing what you love, being yourself, and believing in your purpose. Who will stand against you if what fills your cup is ruling the world? 🙂


  5. make a longer plan. last comment got deleted. cheers to my 60 year plan of longevity. second that. 75 for one hundred rules.


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