Happiness: Gummies, tulips, and my boys

What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?

I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning as of late. I’ve been redecorating. I’ve been donating clothes, books, and shoes. I’ve always been buying some new dresses. Sprucing up and pulling weeds.

In my quest to declutter and rejuvenate, I’ve always been cleaning up papers. As I decluttered the other day, I came across a piece of yellow paper with a handwritten title of “things that make Mimi happy.”

I sat down with the piece of paper, and before I looked at the list, I thought about what I could have put on that list.

Top, of course, on the list is my teenage boy. I have to note that he is a teenager because he’s at the stage where you, as a parent, are constantly tested. Then, there’s my dog, who is quite a handful. Tulips make me smile. Gummies make my tongue tingle. I also like my simple mojito cocktails. I enjoy my meatballs, risotto, and broccoli. Oh, I do enjoy a good lychee martini. Simplicity and complexity coming together.

As I thought through my list and then looked at the list, I noticed what wasn’t on there, and it was quite telling. When there are major things missing from your happiness list, you need to focus and think through what will fully rejuvenate you. Things that drain you need to be tossed aside.

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  1. A Time And Place
    Yes Some Space
    To Focus on What
    Makes Us Happy With SMiLes
    Dear Miriam As Science Shows in the
    United States And Other Countries too
    Happiness is ‘U’ Shaped in That Youth and
    Elders Are Much Happier Than Those in Middle
    Ages of Course So Many Advancing Rat Race Responsibilities
    Do Occur
    Most in those
    Years That Take So
    Much Attention Span And
    Focus Away From Even Any
    Possibilities of To Do Lists Associated
    With Happiness Now in the Lives of Many
    And Now Even in the Lives of Teenage Youth
    Particularly Girls at Rates of 57 Percent Depression
    And A Third or So Contemplating Just Going Away
    As Life to Them
    Is Just Not Worth
    Living AnyMore
    So Disconnected So Lonely
    So Filled And Felt Low With
    Illusory Fears So Many Points
    of Cacti Life to Escape Every Moment
    Of Every Day of Every Thought Connected to DarK
    Indeed A Golden Age Happens Most For the Folks i Know
    And Feel and Sense Who in Their 70’s And Even into their
    80’s And Beyond For They Have Learned to Treasure Most
    What Counts in Life
    Each Other
    Now And the
    Rest of Nature Each
    And Every Breath as Gift
    When Truly This Breath Newly Now
    Is All You May Be Able to Count on At All…
    Oh to Live Yet Even Better Oh to Have Really Lived…
    If i Had Realized How Wonderful Life Will Be Approaching 63
    i Surely Wouldn’t Have Felt Like i Was Getting Oh So Old at 25
    And Even
    Dear Lord
    21 Yet i Was Only
    A Canary in the Coal
    Mine on the Autism Spectrum
    Now the Darkness Spreads All Around So Much More…
    And Most Every Where i Go As Far As Reciprocal Social
    Communication And Ease of Being Around Folks Typically’
    (i Do Have A ‘Few Special Interests’ All Encompassing of Course)
    i Am the Least
    ‘Autistic Person’
    i Encounter in Life…
    Change Yes The Greatest
    Present Indeed Each Gift
    of Breath Ever Changing
    Waves Ocean Whole For Real
    i Am Water…
    i Was Then too…
    i Just Couldn’t
    Master the Waves
    And Be Ocean Whole For Real…
    There is No NuMBeR For What Makes me
    Happy Truly it iS How i Breathe It All Newly
    DarK Thru LiGHT..:)


  2. Thanks for sharing.
    Well written! I thought that I woud read a text with a list of 5 things, one by one, but I read an amazing story!
    I am also doing some spring cleaning these days to donate my clothes. However, I have not started sorting out my papers, and putting some away to resycle. To be honest, it scares me a lot as it is one of the hardest things to do for me.


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