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Space needed to be made

There was a time in which antique shopping provided a reprieve from the present and provided for a future adventure. While the shops pointed to the past, they were like comfort food for future stomachaches. Now she went in them and felt nothing other than the need to […]

I need to dream again

I’ve been having extremely vivid dreams. Lucid dreams. Dreams from which I wake up shaken and a bit discombobulated. What did it mean? What am I trying to say to myself? Yes, these dreams mean something. Yet, I am lost as to what it means. But at least […]

My morning coffee March 2021

The year of 2020 has, most certainly, worn itself thin. It’s been tiring, grating, and, depressing. So much so that you have therapists basically holding sessions from sun-up to midnight. At times there seems to be no reprieve whichever way you turn. I’m still trying to have my  […]