You become a surfer when you’re grieving

What’s something most people don’t understand?

Immediately, upon losing a dear one, you are often emotionally devastated. You are left without words. You may even forget to eat. Then, depending on your associated role with the one who has passed, you get mired in paperwork and various heavy layers of paperwork. It’s so much paperwork that you almost need an assistant. However, who can really afford that?

You stumble on. Passing one bureaucratic hurdle after another. In the midst of all that, you also have to continue all your other daily activities such as work, feeding your child, and breathing. Essentially, taking care of yourself, as well.

As such, grief becomes a series of waves that, at times, you ride out ok. Other times, the waves knock you back. There’s no telling for how long these waves will last. Grief has no timetable. There’s also no formula on how best to ride the grief wave that can hit at any time. You can be in a zoom meeting providing statistical information when suddenly grief strikes you. A word, a phrase, or a random look can cause you to flashback or to just feel a sharp pang to your soul.

In essence, you become a surfer. A grief surfer. With time, hopefully, riding out the waves becomes easier and maybe even leads to moments of happy memories crashing on in.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam Apt Metaphor Indeed

    Waves Coming DarK And LiGHT iN Grief

    of Memories Negative and Positive

    Associated Through Every Day Of Life

    Sadly and Gladly It’s Really An Apt Metaphor For Most

    All Waves of Life Rising and Falling From Trough

    To Crest And

    Trough Again

    Indeed Even Essence

    of Existence Moving Connecting
    And Co-Creating THiS WaY Key

    Surfing The Waves of Life

    And Managing to

    Become The
    Waves Enough

    To Master Them
    More Above Than Below

    And Understanding it is the
    Below That May Bring Above Again

    in New Waves of Ways Not Surfed or
    Dance or Sung Or Basically Done Before

    However It’s Obvious too There Are Too Many

    Storms These Days For Many Generating Storms And Not

    Enough Rainbows To Surf in New Colors After The Storms

    Ever Even End now..:)


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