These echo chambers can be claustrophobic

How has technology changed your job?

Look, technology keeps evolving. I’m old enough to remember Blockbuster. I’m hearing that they may make a comeback. They went away, and maybe they’ll come back new and enhanced. Technology keeps us moving forward. Although, it also seems as if it makes us regress a bit as well.

All these years of zoom meetings does have an impact on how our brains are wired. All this social media, while making our couches and living rooms more global, also clises us off from others. In particular, we keep placing ourselves or finding ourselves eithin echo chambers.  For a middle-of-the-road person that I am, these echo chambers can be claustrophobic.

You have to be quite intentional to step out of your comfort zone since technology enables becoming a silo.

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  1. Oh All The Tools Dear Miriam
    From Alphabets to Numbers

    to Days With Numbers too

    And An Extension of Minds

    in 6 Inch Screens Key of Course

    Is Master The Tool Do Not Allow

    it to Master Us And Take Our Colors

    of Life We Give Share Care Heal Away

    in Darkness

    in Brightly

    Lit Screens

    of Dopamine

    Continual Hits of Course
    As We Practically May Become

    The Tool Avatar Life All Plugged in For Real
    When the ‘Old Terminator’ Sadly Wins too Just

    For NuMBeR
    Two or ‘Neo’ Newly Now

    AGAiN to Unplug Us For Good

    Hehe Personally i Love Sending
    my Soul All Around the Globe By
    Fiber Optic Cable Cheaper Than Snail Mail…

    And God Yes Potentially the Speed of Love
    Coming As Free Verse Poetry too Woosh

    Or Whatever that Symbol For the Goddess
    of Nike For the Victory With No Shoes Sales Necessary

    At All Just A Free Avatar New Now Beyond All Distance Space
    Time or Yes Even A ‘Matter With Things’ as True These Are Just

    Symbols of my
    Avatar Soul i Am

    Really FlesH and Blood

    Out of This Avatar Suit
    of So Many Words Hehe

    Anyway i Master the Tool So It’s All Cool…

    Yin and Yang as Always Middle Way Wu Wei too With SMiLes..:)


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