I’m going to get by with a little bit of laughter

What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?

It’s actually not too much of a secret. I laugh a lot. I bring mirth and jokes to most instances. I like to be jolly. Yet, I’m also a curmudgeon. Can’t help it. I’m a New Yorker. A sunny curmudgeon. I openly claim such a title.

Now, what is a secret is how I manage to laugh in most instances. I often joke. If it weren’t for laughter, I’d be crying. It’s a joke. But as we know, every joke has a grain of truth to it.

My secret skill is my ability to still put a smile on what would rather be a frown. Actually, I’d rather smile than frown. Frowning causes wrinkles. Frowning creates a sad biofeedback loop. Thus, I may, at times, will myself into a smile and into causing me to have a moment of levity.

Even at the recent memorial I held, I was able to smile and laugh. Because laughter is power. And, even sad moments can bring about memories in which there were good times. And, we should allow ourselves to float in those memories and help bring comfort to others as well.

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  1. SMiLes Back in the Days Our Child Ryan Spent
    in the NeoNatal Unit At Shand’s Hospital in
    Gainesville All that Kept the Doctor’s
    Sanity As They Related Were the
    Often Dark Jokes They Told
    For Levity of The Tragic-Comedy
    Life Will Come to Be And They Said
    if They Had Seen All the Reality of What
    Birth And Death
    Means Before
    They Brought
    Children to Life They Might
    Have Reconsidered The Endeavor
    All Together It Was Surely Enough
    For me to Take Pause And Notice
    The Tragic-Comedy of Life
    And It’s True Given A
    Choice Rather Be
    An April Fool
    Than Sour
    Puss For Real
    As i’ve Done That too
    Yes Dear Miriam THere is Enough Falling
    Worth Whatever It Takes to Lift With SMiLes..:)

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