Saying no to preserve your sanity

How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals?

Some people can easily say “no” to people and draw boundaries. I can easily say “no” in the workplace to right a ship. It’s what I do. Well, I actually find a way to turn things around. Thus, it’s not that I say no, I try to optimize situations and decrease bad ones. I go in with a goal, and I’m then like a dog with a bone.

I had to develop this skill because I cared and care. You can’t fix things by always saying “yes.” That’s just called enabling.

Now, with family and friends, sometimes saying no outright can be difficult. I want to help. Perhaps too much. I take on the fights of others as if they were my own. But I am coming to learn that saying “no” is just as important (or maybe moreso) in one’s personal circle. By saying no in your tight circle, in your personal orbit, will allow you to preserve some semblance of sanity.

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  1. Of Course for me After All Work For Pay THere is No Longer

    Anyone To Always Tell Yes to Dear Miriam for Other Wise Fear

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    Still WHere THeRE iS Only Yes for me

    No Doesn’t

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    For if i Had Any Idea How to Do This

    i Would Never Be Able to Write A Word
    Or Make A Move of the All Free Dance And

    “SonG oF mY


    to Be i Am
    With SMiLes of YES

    Covenant With SoUL Complete
    STill Naked Enough Whole Complete

    Yet Ever FLoWinG More iN New Colors of SoUL..:)


  2. To say no can help set boundaries, but to do no takes commitment and persistence. Like saying yes and doing yes, the intent often gives way to tests of patience and tenacity.
    Either way, the words lose credibility when subsequent action contradicts them.


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