All of this is temporary

Nothing is forever. Experation dates. Termination dates. Finales. Everything except for the television show SVU, apparently. When you are young, supposedly you don’t fear death. I’m not too sure of that. It all depends on your environment. However, I wasn’t even trying to go there. This world needs no operatic crescendo. Whatever you take that to mean. There not need to be a denouement. But know this. Everything ends. Eventually.

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  1. Being conscious of this is weird – and human. Especially since you know there are no exceptions (maybe that’s why vampire and immortals stories are popular).
    You get this one life – one chance to make it count. It seems to come and go out of awareness.
    I wasn’t asked, that I remember, to accept these terms of service. Don’t know how I would have chosen if I could. As a religious person, I hope there is more. But I also know that if not, I won’t know.
    And yet we manage to love, to celebrate, to lose, to mourn, to live. Weird.


  2. i Had to Ask my Wife What
    The Television Show “SVU”

    Is Per “Special Victims Unit”

    As The Only TV Show i Watch Now
    Other Than Quick Glimpses of the
    Soap Opera of the News is “Little Sheldon”

    True That Whole Story Starts From The Beginning

    After The End Which Is A Bit Refreshing As The End of
    The Other One Perhaps

    Dear Miriam

    Still Coming

    When ‘Sheldon’

    Gets Out of His

    Left Brain Hemisphere Restrictions

    And Moves on to Be An Artist at age 53

    Breaking Out of the Cocoon of Grasping

    His Environment Just Letting it All Go Yes

    Being Wind Being Free Living Forever Newly Now

    As My Wife Said Yeah “SVU” Has Been on Forever

    There Are Basically Two Ways of Dealing With Wind

    Grasping It Or Letting it Blow Free Through Our Hair

    As We
    The Wind
    Eternally Now Free

    “Beach Hair Doesn’t Care”
    Seen That ‘Logos’ Around too

    Yes Just Letting Go As A Feather
    Randomly Becomes The Breeze

    Embracing Chaos Trusting Change…

    Till The Very End of the Beginning Always Starting Newly Now..:)


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