I won’t run or hide: I’m coming back somehow

There are times when you are faced with situations that are completely unbearable. And, no matter how many times you note that “this too shall pass,” you can’t self-soothe. We often, as a society, advise new moms to let a crying baby cry it out and “self-soothe.” That sometimes works. Other times, it just leaves the baby further unnerved. As an adult, crying it out can be cathartic or leave you further despondent.

We’ve all heard of the fight or flight response. It’s part of our DNA. We also now have drills in schools of run, hide, or fight. The same applies to any violent situation now, whether it’s a church, supermarket, or office space.

As it is, when faced with a major loss, we sometimes want to run away or hide from it. And, it’s ok to feel that way. At some point, we come back. We find a way to get past the horribleness and find our way back to a better state of being. It’s all a process. And, your heart, body, and soul will guide you.

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  1. You WILL get back to where you can just live each day as it comes. You will also appreciate it when it comes back because you’ve been without it.
    Nature of the game. And not being able to force things. Hugs.
    While we’re here, we do the best we can, and it has to be enough. Platitudes, all, but the other choices are worse, not productive, and cowardly in the long run.


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