The day after a beautiful tribute

It was not something I had thought about. It’s not something I had ever envisioned doing. It’s not something I had looked forward to. But I did it. The day came and not only got through it, but it also went well.

I’m talking about the memorial service for my husband, esoterx. I was able to showcase his love of family, writing, and doing a job- well done. His intellectual curiosity and sharp wit were on full display. And, fittingly so, we held his service at the writer’s den.

Ever since his passing, I worked on this day and night, alongside my regular job, while addressing everyday life challenges. I had a circle of friends who supported me in this process, and I most certainly could not have done this without their support. This event and the beautiful tribute resulted from it “takes-a-village” mentality.

What I am most grateful for was that my son got to see and hear the love and admiration others had for his father. That, in itself, was priceless.

Now comes the next phase. Whatever it will be.

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  1. Thank you for the link. But it makes the loss even more tangible.
    I remember almost losing my husband to an unexpected heart attack when he was the same age, and I was already ill, and we had three small children. Again, my deepest sympathies.


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  3. He sounds like he was a wonderful man, husband, and father. I’m glad you were able to highlight his character and reminisce with friends and family.
    Be gentle with yourself going forward.
    I truly hope your son will continue the blog his dad started, in his own words.


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