It’s Valentine’s day: Let’s acknowledge love and grief

We’ve all seen the Hallmark cards, the roses lined up in stores, and the overcrowded restaurants. Valentine’s day is a commercialized (some would say) day to celebrate love. I, personally, have never really felt a grand need to go to a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s day. At times, I even felt it was a bit cheesy to be seen dining out on Valentine’s day. I suppose that’s the slightly jades part of me.

Then, there is the sentimental part of me. Some people say that Valentine’s Day is also a day to grieve the losses of loved ones. To have loved and lost. It can be beautiful, sad, and meaningful. Does Hallmark have a card for that type of sentimentality?

I spent this Valentine’s day alone, looking at photos. Planning a service slideshow of past remembrances.

However, I did find this gem of a photograph from many years ago of my baby boy.

He was all smiles wishing me a happy valentines day. How could I not cheer up?

Here’s to the beauty of love in its many forms and timelines.

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  1. Our children can be so amazing. My son was the first person to send me roses. After he got his first job, while still in high school, he had a dozen roses delivered to me at my work place on Mother’s Day. I dried one, and still have it to this day.


  2. Ah Yes Dear Miriam The Sadness of Grief
    Of Those Passing Out of Our Earthly Worlds

    And Those We Love So Much to Celebrate Still

    With Us A Day For Reflection And Celebration Both

    On Valentine’s Day For Real and Of Course my Mother

    Going to Her Death Bed Rather Unexpected For 8 Days Without
    Food or Drink Starting on Valentine’s Day of 2017 Does Bring Both

    Sides of the Coin to
    Do Reflecting on the
    Gift of Love That Still
    Breathes After the Deafening
    Silence of my Mother’s Last Breath

    A Day After Our Wedding Anniversary
    on February 21st Just So Happens to Be

    ‘Fat Tuesday’ This Year Yet Again to Remember
    The Deafening Silence of After my Mother’s Last

    Breath and That Gift of Unconditional Love From Her
    Still Breathing me Each and Every Day to Give Share
    Care and Heal to The Best of an Olympic Style Effort

    in All i Do Each Day

    A Tribute to the

    Gift of Unconditional
    Love She Gifted me And

    Also of Course Our Only Child
    And Son Born 2 Days Before my
    Birthday on June the 6th Reminding

    me One More Day How Blessed i am too Still Newly Now
    For One Who Lived and Died Without Even a Chance
    Then to Smile at All at 51 Days in my Arms Taking
    A Last Heart Beat Then Never Able to Breathe at All

    Where Actually the Last Heart Beat A Blessing Mercy
    Away From A Short Yet Very Long Life Each Day in Only Pain

    Indeed Life is All About Perspectives Reflections And Introspections

    That All Our Experiences DarK Thru LiGHT BRinG in More Wisdom

    Than Book


    Will Ever Bring

    SPiRiT HeART SoUL Deeper For Real..:)


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