Lost in space

Brain fog is a real thing. Drives me crazy that there are moments in which my brain zaps out. It’s not something I’ve ever really experienced. But these days, I find myself lost in space. I’ll look out the window or at a wall for a split second. In that moment, I’m nowhere. I stand alone and still.

A moment of quiet and zoning out can actually lead to great light bulb moments. In these moments, I am coming to understand how blessed I can be and how there are moments and people filled with toxicity that I just need to avoid.

Moments of zen. Moments to savor. Moments to zone out.

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  1. Ah Yes Dipping Into ‘Nether Land’

    of ‘NetherMind’ Dear Miriam Yes!

    The Low Lands of Subconscious

    Mind Foggy Yet As Deep As All the

    Experiences of Life FLoWinG All Together

    Just Waiting to Arise in What You Name as

    ‘Light Bulb’ Moments Yes Zen in Flow Over

    The Fog of Subconscious

    Nether Land
    Nether Mind

    Ways As Science

    Names it Transient
    HypoFrontality Hehe
    A Fancy Way of Saying

    Flow Beyond the Neo Cortex

    Leaping So-Called ‘Normal’ Logic

    Opening Up The Rest of Our Human

    Potentials as Our Thinking Mind only

    Comprises About Half of A Percent of All We aRe

    True A Whole New Ocean A Blue Whale to Swim From Below

    This Also May Be Described As ‘Dream Time’ It’s A Really Nice

    Place to Visit Beyond All Distance Space Time And A Matter of
    Things Hehe i Tend to Staycation Here Almost Always Now HAha

    Until my Wife
    Says Get my

    Butt off the

    Computer or
    Stopping the Autotelic
    Flow of Meditating Free

    Dance Like the “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    WRiTinG Free Verse Poetry too Dear

    Lord 11.3 MiLLioN Words And 17,866 Miles
    of Public Dance THiS WaY For 113 Months

    is Quite An EPiC ViSiT in Nethermind Nether Land For Real…

    Hehe i Even Named A Subchapter oF IT Starting on Memorial
    Day Weekend of 2016 “Nether Land Bible” Yep All 8.8 MiLLioN
    Words Now in 80 Months of Overall Effort Out of the 113 Month Total Try..:)


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