Grief is the price we pay for love

I have not had a lot of time as of late to sit down and write. Work, useless discussions, tears, and feelings of guilt have dominated my time. It’s a merry-go-round of emotions around here lately. And, moments of introspection and reflection book-end my days.

It is with that heaviness that I quote a colleague who was attempting to ease my my mind. They noted that grief is the price one pays for having loved. It’s a steep price, mind you. One that lasts forever. But that makes us human. That means our heart and soul have experienced high and lows. It means that one has lived.

I believe one is to find comfort in such a feeling.

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  1. Listen to what helps now. If it doesn’t help, say thank you and get away from that person if you can, even if they mean well.

    I think it is generally better to have awkward and clueless than nothing at all. I’m being that right now, because many people won’t say anything, and you deserve better than that. But I don’t know you well enough to be any good at it. Hope you have better support in your closer family and friends.


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