She was carrying a large burden load

She was sitting quietly in her friend’s house, sipping on supposed calming tea. She had never found those things to work. But she was willing to try anything to give her racing heart a break. It was working double time. As such, she needed to get up and walk around.

She came across her friend’s daughter’s toy laundry. It was adorable and labeled as a small load machine. She laughed at it and wished that her big load of worry, anxiety, and pain could be bundled up and placed therein. She opened its little door and blew into it. And, then her heart slowed down its pace while her shoulder lifted.

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  1. For All Bells Toiling

    iN Turmoil For All
    Who Becomes
    Employed THiS Way

    For Those Who STiLL
    Have A Childhood
    All The Toys That

    Bring Warmth

    Dear Miriam
    With SMiLES

    Beyond All Dreams

    For All Those Still
    Remembering Play
    In Adulthood to Become

    A Child Without Worry Again

    Yet Surely A Golden Age At Any
    Age New Now When the Gold At
    Ends of the Rainbows Becomes Yes

    As Warmth
    Healing Within
    For Real Anxiety
    And Pain Just Fading
    Away into Oblivion as

    Play Naturally Slays Fear

    And Even Pain Yes if ‘Wax on
    Wax Off’ Becomes A Practice of PLaY iN LiFE
    For It’s True A Hawk Rarely Falls From Skies
    A Monkey Rarely Falls From Trees KeY iNDeeD

    Day New
    Practice Yes
    Now to Keep
    From Falling Real

    Ah Yes And Blogging
    Poetry And Other Arts
    All Naturally Therapy
    to Ascend and Transcend
    All Distance Space Time
    And A “Matter With Things”

    That Anxiety Pain And Yes
    Other Wise Depression Rings..:)


  2. I’m hoping the photograph was taken a long time ago.
    What is a toy laundry doing except conditioning a girl to believe that domestic service will be her lot in life ? Nobody would buy a toy washing machine for a boy, would they ?
    When our daughters were kids, their toys included stuff like a little white lab coat and a stethoscope.
    And blow me down if the big sister didn’t become a doctor and the little sister became a clinical psychologist.
    Neither their Mom , nor their Dad are medicos and we certainly didn’t push them in that direction.
    But we did set them up for a university education and modelled professional careers.


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