Whatever lies at the other end of the tunnel, you’ll get through it

Sometimes, you approach a tunnel cautiously, wondering what the ride will be like. What will the constraints be. Sometimes, you wonder what awaits you at the other end of the tunnel. You can go in on one side, and it’s sunny and ok. And, then you come out the other side and are facing a major storm. You will be ok. Go in prepared. Go in with your strength. Go in knowing there’s always a way through.

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  1. Yes Indeed Dear
    Miriam Way of
    ‘The Tunnel’ Similar

    It Seems to Yes

    A Way of Water

    All Parts of Waves

    Ocean Whole Indeed

    We aRe All Equal in Birth

    And Death At Least And When

    i Lost All Hope My Mother Assured

    me of Hope Changes Brings
    This too Shall

    Pass Tunnels


    End in DarK Thru LiGHT Yes

    Yet Always Begin Never Truly

    Ending NeW Again STaRTinG

    NoW True SoMeWheRe on
    A Highway of DarK Thru


    At Best
    With SMiLes
    Our Journeys
    HandS And Feet Free..:)


  2. That’s true… and salvation comes from the consciousness from within… working on one’s shadow really can help empower self to soldier on in life, I opine. Have a great day! 🙏🏻💝🙏🏻


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