Crazy larry and Northern Exposure…enjoying the town of Talkeetna

I remember watching the television show of Northern Exposure. I don’t remember any of the episodes, honestly. But, I’m currently in a bar in the town of Talkeetna listening to the Cure and Queen’s Radio Ga Ga feeling at home. But also feeling like I’m in a time warp of some sorts. Turns out that this town is what Northern Exposure was supposedly based upon. Who knows? But that is the mythology.

I’m enjoying the vibe, the food, and the bachelor auction. It’s fun and a small community where the goal is about living. The day-to-day of being a person experiencing life. Not the making of the living. At the bar, besides the bachelor auction, the talk at the bar centered around larry. I don’t know who larry is. But everybody knew him and were talking him. The talk was abouthHis zanizess in a small town. Oh Larry, wish I knew ya.

As a New Yorker, I get how Dr. Joel Fleischman had an interesting time adjusting. But, I must admit I love the small-town vibe that appears closer knit than other small towns I’ve come across in my travel.

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  1. Hehe iMaGiNE Almost

    Everyone Recognizes

    What You Do For Play

    And Almost No One
    Knows Your Name

    True How Many

    Nobody’s Are



    As Famous and

    Living Legend Without A Name

    Only For What They Do How This

    Happens is Ya Dance And Sing For

    Free With No Regard to A Target
    Audience Learning A Name

    Not Just For

    ’15 Minutes’


    Just Never Ending
    As Seconds Turn into
    Minutes Hours Turn into

    Days Turn into Months

    Years of Heaven Ya Stay

    As THere is No WHeRE

    Better Any Place to

    Go Yet Within

    For Real

    As All Of Life
    Becomes Play
    With No Power Parts of Work…

    True Dear Miriam Where the Only
    Power Play is MaKinG Others SMiLe
    And Disappearing Again As the Lady
    Who Cuts my Hair Her Grandchildren

    Asked Her to Ask me When And What
    Stores i Would Dance at Next to Watch

    me For Free

    Once Again

    As A Solo Act
    That Likely Won’t Happen
    Again in the Deep States South Hehe…
    Anyway i Got a Hair-Cut Continuing to Come Out and Play…

    And As Far As This Area Goes Working With the Military For
    A Quarter of A Century Commonly People who Pass Through
    Here Through Stations All Around the World Say This is the Place

    For Them to
    Hope to Retire
    Through Every Where they
    Lived All Around The Globe Yes

    Big Enough For Folks to Leave You
    Be If You Are Different Small Enough

    to Never
    Forget You

    If You Do What
    No One Else Will Do For Free…

    Recognized For What Ya Do Surely
    FoR Me

    NO IDentifiable
    Born On Date NaMe aT All..:)


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