I just can’t eat reindeer

I have loved my stay in Alaska. I was able to do some things that have been lifelong dreams. I’ve done some fun, adventurous events. I even found a new, delicious canned blueberry mojito, which is very popular here. I have to say it is quite amazing. I didn’t even mind the snowfalls that actually led to two days in a row of school closures. I had no idea there could be that much snow to actually give those in Anchorage a snow day. I know the local news had a lot to say about this.

With all that said, I will tell you that despite having some great meals, I just couldn’t handle eating reindeer. There was reindeer omelet, burger, and stews. I did order the stew once, and the mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam in it were quite tasty. However, after a few bites, I was rather full and couldn’t eat anymore. Fret not. The food didn’t go to waste as we gave it to someone l, in need, out on the street.

I am not saying this to cast aspersions or judgement. It just is what it is: An acquired taste.

Either way, I found other grand culinary delights and was able to enjoy those here. But that is the grand part of travel: exposure to different norms, values, cuisine, and the like. Travel can lead to such enhanced understanding of other parts of the world and of one’s own country.

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  2. Perhaps a different preparation would be more to you liking. I had reindeer in Sweden recently that was roasted. (medium rare) Also served with lingonberry. It was tender and delicious. Not gamey at all.


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