Healing is messy

Ups and downs

The world is sideways

Mind aches

Feverish tongue

Super salty tears

Words jumbled

Words mumbled

Words unheard

Words unspoken

Brittle bones

Brittle nails

Bitter tastes

Fuzzy sight

Fuzzy recollections






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  1. i ReMeMBeR The Day
    On the Beach i Left IT

    All Behind Then Free

    Dancing Singing StartS AGAiN

    Child EYes of

    Wonder Reborn
    Happy ‘Child Day’

    Today on the 14th
    Ever More True Yes

    Now Always New EYes
    To Celebrate

    After the
    Love of
    Life Fully
    Returns to SMiLE

    Dear Miriam

    iN Wonder And
    Amazement This Gift Freeing
    Present New Now Breathing Peaceful Love..:)


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