It’s World Kindness Day: I’m celebrating Thanksgiving today

I had a series of very odd dreams last night. It was almost like mini flashbacks interspersed with magical realism. I can’t really explain it. Except there were some moments that flashed of where there had been conflict that was washed away in the rain or a soaking train ride. Dreams are really precious moments in our lives that can be helpful if we let them.

When I awoke I was amused to find that today is World Kindness Day and my dreams had entailed magical forgiveness. Then I also remembered as my grogginess wore off, that we were celebrating Thanksgiving a few weeks early today. Coincidence? There are no coincidences. That’s what pop media keeps telling me.

With kindness, should come gratitude. As you are appreciative of what others bring and what you have, being kind to others should be inherent and automatic. I don’t quite understand why we need a day of kindness to remind us of fundamental state of being that we should aspire to. Hopefully, however, some random acts of kindness will happen that will have some kind of butterfly effect.

Happy thanksgiving (a few weeks early) in gratitude.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam
    Thanks Giving For Giving

    Wherever Kindness Reigns

    For Every Breath iNHaling Peace

    Exhaling Love For
    All Yes With Most
    Respect and Least Harm

    Hehe As True i Am Still WorKinG
    WoRKinG oN mY Christmas Song too

    Just LiGHTiNG uP
    New CoLoRS on

    mY Everlasting NoW

    Living Tree to Stay UP
    With SMiLes Dreams to
    Come to Fruition LoVE MoRE ALL
    So With That Dance And Song Amen
    Happy World Day of Kindness One And All


    UP More
    Colors oF LoVE NeW..:)


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