People may inspire or drain you…what’s your pick?

Look, let’s be real. There are some people who are just there in your life, orbit, or space. They are perfectly fine to be around. Small talk. Watercooler talk. Top of the morning to ya talk. They are totally ok. Moving on from them.

We then have a certain class of people you may interact with who cause you to pause. There are those who inspire you. Horray for those folks. I like those people. Feels good to be inspired and to then try to pay that forward. I like to learn from others. I watch, take notes, and pocket those insights. I want a pocketful of insights.

Then there are those who cause you to pause because they are draining the energy out of you. Those people are no good to our health. Drainers. Complainers. Disclaimers. Constant creepers. There’s really nothing to be gained from being in the orbit of a drainer. Simple. Note it. Avoid them. Be whole.

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