RIP dear squirtle the turtle

Our pets are our family members. Plain and simple.

Today, I just have a small bit to share.

Our family turtle, whose nane was squirtle (as so named by my son), passed away.

He traveled cross-country with us from Los Angeles to New York. He loved the car ride. He danced throughout the whole trip. He was quite steakthy when we snuck him into hotels cross-trip. He would pop out his head to singing. He loved a siren song. He would scamper about.

He was originally smaller than my thumb. He grew to be bigger than my hand. He had a goofy personality.

Some may say he was just a turtle. But all creatures deserve an ode and a tear at their passing. And, he was loved.

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  1. ~Eulogy For A Turtle~

    All Things Great And Small
    All Love Greater Than All Things

    Indeed Dear Miriam Compassion Loving
    Giving Sharing Caring Healing Less Than A Grain

    of Sand Through A Turtle’s EYes Who May Live Much

    Longer Than Humans

    Yet What Makes Human

    And Social Animal is Our Ability

    to Love IT All Genuinely Sincerely Deeply

    As When We We BREaTHE LoVE THiS Way We Truly

    Live God Bless
    Squirtle Yes The
    Turtle no Less or
    More Than Any Part
    of Love Integral Whole
    Shall We Name IT i THiNK Not…

    For THaT iS How Love Gets Lost

    When We Label IT Away From Truly Breathing

    Free Now…

    Indeed in Form

    Any Form So Much

    Smaller Than A Breath oF Free Love..:)


    ~With SMiLEs..:)


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