All surface and no texture

There’s a lot of fluff in the air. And, I’m using the word “fluff” very loosely. I’m using it to connote lack of substance. So many people want to opine on this and that. So many people want to put in a shiny gloss for all to see. So many want to throw word bombs but there’s no flare. It’s all surface with no real texture. No layers.

Look at this breakfast photograph. Look at the cheese and butter on that bread. It’s not lightly touched. It’s layered and delicious. And, probably heart-attack inducing. Look at that pepper. Not a light sprinkle. It’s seen. It’s touchable. All on that plate is deeper than just a regular breakfast.

I know. I need not go further. I’m actually hungry now. This intermittent fasting is driving me bananas. But that is a whole other story. I am not to digress. The point is as follows.

I want people to be peppered and cheesed out to the point that I know that there is more to them. Go deep. Don’t be fluffy.

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  1. SMiLes Honestly my Favorite Places Now
    to Eat Are Breakfast in America No Matter

    Where the Waitresses
    Work Who Understand

    The Wrinkles of Life
    Dear Miriam True to

    The Essence of

    Being Human at all

    It’s Not That Complicated

    Touch A Soul Deeper than Skin Deep….

    Hehe People Used to Give me ‘Holy Hell’

    About Wasting my Life Working in And Managing

    A Military Bowling Center Yet They Couldn’t Understand

    The Depths of Waves

    of Warmth

    That Come

    From All Around

    When the Goal of Life
    is Not to Knock Each Other Down
    10 Pin Gods Understand Humanity Best..:)


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