Some people have no shame

I know that there are times in which I have stared at someone in utter disbelief. I have been stunned into silence, at times, when people demonstrably have no shame. I was thinking about that today as I watched my dog dig right into the garbage bag in front of me. I clapped my hands and asked him if he had no shame. He stared at me, walked away a little guilty-seeming, and then wagged his tail at me. No. No, shame there.

I sat back on my couch and had a few flashbacks. I have certainly sat through many instances where people outright lied to my face with no shame in that they knew that I was aware they were lying. I have sat through meetings where people fell far short of expectations and hust shrugged. There was no shame in failing. Let me reframe this last bit. I am one of those who believes it’s ok to fail and to let others fail. We learn from fairlures. Or rather, we can learn from failures if we allow ourselves. However, some people don’t care to learn and are seemingly ok with falling short. It’s as if they are daring you to shame them on their behalf.

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    So in the Example
    of Monkeys and Hawks

    You Really Can’t Afford
    to Make a Mistake Flying
    or Climbing if ya Wanna

    Continue to Eat as You

    May Not be Good ‘ole

    Boy Enough to Get A Second
    Chance Hehe Yet On the Other Hand

    You May Work Yourself to Death Doing it to
    to the Point of What the Hell is the Point Anyway

    As All the Good ‘Ole Boys And Or Girls Continue to basically
    Sit Back And Relax Without Shame No Matter How Much they F up Next…

    And Still Insisting They Believe in a ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ Hehe True

    It’s Not Really Funny Yet It’s Better Than Breaking Ya Leg As A Hawk

    Or Monkey


    Flying and
    Climbing Higher to Survive

    So What’s the Moral of this Story

    i Really Don’t need to Know i Just Keep

    Climbing and Flying Higher As i Don’t See A Better Place to Fall…

    Anyway Usually i Was the Pet Apple of Every Teacher and Boss

    Somewhere Deep Down We DO ReMeMBeR our Wing of Hawks

    And Arms of Monkeys That Climb Higher And Higher to Even Survive…

    That’s All i
    Wanna Be

    A ‘MoNKeY KinG’..;)


  2. I have been in situations where people lied to my face or lied in front of me to others when they knew that I knew better. I have decided that it isn’t about shame, but about power. They are literally imposing the lie or their version of reality because they don’t think you will stand up for yourself. In truth, the pushback is so bad if you do speak up it mostly isn’t worth it. I tend to just move on and prune people like that from my garden.

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