Shopping after midnight is worse than late-night snacking

The best late-night snacking is that when you’ve gone out dancing and you get to eat a super-greasy pizza. That pizza tastes so wonderfully. My mouth waters at the thought of it. However, late-night snacking is generally not good for you. It can lead to indigestion, weight-gain, and bad dreams. Nightmares, even. As such, I tend to avoid late-night eating.

Now, let’s talk about late-night shopping. I love doing it. And, I get no heartburn nor weight-gsin from it. Unless, of course, if one correlates less than six hours of sleep with weight gain.

Here’s the bad thing about late-night shopping. You can end up with a lot of things you have no use for. You can end up with things that don’t fit. You can end up with things that are not your best color. It can all be a big waste of money. Yet, it’s so easy to click a button. And, that is why it is so bad and dangerous for you.

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  1. Oh Dear Lord Dear Psychologist Miriam i Stayed Up All Night
    Long Last Night Snacking As You Missed A Night of Blogging

    If There Was AnotherBlue Moon
    i Am Not Aware oF iT Yet Never

    The Less on the Autism Spectrum
    Oh How i Love Folks Who Are

    Conscientious About What

    They Do to A Fault Hehe

    Like me Pushing Myself During

    Working Years to Almost Literally Dead

    Yep It’s Nice to See You Here Again i Do Love

    People Who Just Keep Doing IT ALL Over and Over again

    Yet i Hope You Took A Small Vacation No Matter if it
    Was Dancing Late

    Eating Greasy
    Pizza or Gorging
    Yourself on More TV
    Series While Shopping
    OnLine Till You Fell Asleep Sweetly

    And Woke Up With Nightmares Like
    me Consuming Giant Left-Overs of Mexican
    Food with Tons of Salsa Before Going to Bed

    Dreaming Nightmares of Nuclear Holocaust Last

    Week Yet Thank God For Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse

    Tyson as He Cleared Up There is Very Little Nuclear
    Fall-Out From Tactical Hydrogen Nuclear Bombs Yet Yes

    Sadly It Just Obliterates Life and Stuff For Miles and Miles

    True i Don’t Think i’m Gonna Eat Mexican Food Late at Night Anymore…

    Anyway i Study Human Behavior it’s Also Very Unusual For You To Like

    3 of my Blog Posts in One Night Spread So Far Apart Hehe And If You
    Are Drinking

    Wine Tonight
    More Power to You With SMiLes…

    And That Just Reminds me of Winn Dixie
    Tonight As Three Customers in A Row

    Just Came in to the Check-Out Line to Purchase Massive Amounts
    of Alcohol Tonight As Yes An Early Remedy For Manic Monday’s i Guess..:)


      • SMiLes Dear Psychologist
        Mimi You Deserve A Break
        Any DaY in Peace and Harmony

        With A Coke Zero

        And A Murder Mystery
        Story Again Online Shopping Eating
        Greasy Pizza And Whatever it Takes

        to Make
        10,000 Steps
        A Day Best in
        Free Dance And
        Song Whenever You Feel Like it With SMiLes…

        Until Alaskan Nights Come Feeling Sensing ‘the Call of the Wild’

        And Perhaps Some Northern Lights if They Have Those too

        On Cold FroZeN


        Nights With
        Your Son And
        Anyone Else True
        You Love Dearly mY FRiEnD..:)


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