A midnight train to … where?

It’s almost midnight. And, rather unexpectedly I started humming to myself the song Midnight Train to Georgia. I have never really listened to the song. I just did in order to see what my humming was about. That song is actually rather sad about shattered dreams and returning home after not achieving those dreams. That was not going to do for me.

I then switched to Journey’s song Don’t Stop Believing in which another character takes a midnight train. This time its to anywhere. And, you can’t stop believing.

Personally, I’d love to be on board a midnight train to Mongolia. An exciting, unique, once-in-lifetime experience in the middle of a far-away land. As Hall & Oates, once noted “I can go for that”. I wish I could see where all the midnight trains are slated to go. I’m sure some website must have that information. But, for now, I rather dream. Actually, I might look to see the train route and schedule from Anchorage to Fairbanks. It’s on my bucket list. The colder, the better. And, I normally don’t like the cold. But I want to have a slight chill while catching the wild night sky.

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  1. Oh Gosh It’s Getting So Late
    Almost Midnight And It Wasn’t

    too Long Ago i Sang About ‘Midnight
    Trains to Georgia’ Yes ‘i Can Go For That’

    And ‘Don’t Stop Believing too’

    Hmm… i Guess mY SoUL

    Is A Juke Box

    Dear Miriam

    All Tuned iN
    All Turned Up
    With SMiLes For Real..:)


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