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Just another day gone by

It’s just another day,Where people cling to light,To drive away the fear,That comes with every night–oingo boingo What a day! The amount I accomplished yet not accomplished is both outstanding and staggering on some levels. All day, I’ve also had a ringworm pounding in my head. I’ve been […]

A midnight train to … where?

It’s almost midnight. And, rather unexpectedly I started humming to myself the song Midnight Train to Georgia. I have never really listened to the song. I just did in order to see what my humming was about. That song is actually rather sad about shattered dreams and returning […]

Let’s do better

I can be talking about anything. Bring there more for our kids. Creating better reports at work. Standing up to the bullies at both the watercooler and at the local bar. Silence allows contempt and misinformation to take hold. Not allowing a group of self-righteous know-it-alls dictate (incorrectly […]