Are you trying to scully me or is that my role?

If you do not know by now, I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Not the movie. The television series. It was an amazing show. Witty. poignant. Insightful. Quotable. There are many insightful things that could and nedd to be written about Buffy, which I will not do here and now. Many others have tackled this. But, one must note that this television show had a huge cultural significance, and its importance to me personally, was profound.

There are about 1,001 quotes from the show or more that would resonate with millions of people. Through Buffy we experienced death, grief, and longing. And, many insightful bits were shared along those lines. I need not quote these here.

One minor quote, however that recently came to mind that is funny to me, is when she noted someone was trying to Scully her. That being a reference to the X-Files. Scully was the scientist, and as such, the supposed skeptic. I’m pretty tired of that trope. But, I will leave that there.

At one point in the television series, Buffy says to Giles (her mentor and trainer) “I cannot believe that you, of all people, are trying to Scully me.” I have felt this exact sentiment and state of being. The other day, unlike my sunny curmudgeon self, I had other individuals trying to “scully”. I was left wondering how that was even possible. I’m the skeptic. I’m the one who wants to see the data points. Yet, the other day I wanted to believe. I wanted to be Mulder. I wanted to stare the fantastic in the eye and not blink. But others wanted to temper me down. There was no fun in being reigned in by the skeptics. Particularly, since I usually play the role of the skeptic.

Sometimes, however, we need to play the role of someone else. Be the understudy who all of a sudden has a starring role, due to a broken leg. It’s all about your lens framework.

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  1. SMiLes Having A Truth Disorder Associated With
    Asperger’s Syndrome And A Mother Who i Never Caught

    Ever Telling A Lie That Was the Gold Standard of Home

    And True i Never understood Why Lying Was A Normal
    Part of Socialization Particularly At Work When Even

    Shady Stuff Was Overlooked
    For The Sake of Closest
    Social Working Circles

    Dear Miriam

    True i Didn’t ‘Know’
    The ‘Codes of Honor’
    That Protected Those
    Who Might Be Moving
    Down A Shady Path So Far
    Away From Integrity Honor
    And Character As YeS AGAiN

    Hehe They Actually Did Change
    the Rules at my High School to Allow
    me and the Daughter of the Dean of Girls
    to Enter into the National Honor Society First
    Time For Sophomores That Year i Was Soon To Turn

    Sweet 16

    True Conscientiousness is A Big Part of my SoUL
    However i Finally Learned to At Least Break Some
    Rules to Truly Sprout Wings And Be Free of Traditions

    That No Longer Suited What i Believe to Be Truths of Life For Real…

    True Though At Best We Don’t Talk Politics or Religion Even if We Visit
    A Church as Opinions on Both Will Most Definitely Vary So Much From

    Top to the
    Very Bottom
    of the Pecking
    Orders There for Real…

    And at Work it Might Mean
    You Get Totally Excluded There

    i Value my Ability to ‘Scully’ As You
    Say Skeptically Overviewing Offers
    From ‘Snake Oil Sales Folks’ As That comes

    Now Particularly So Much Online ‘These Days’
    Yes Particularly When it Comes to Folks Preying
    On What They Think of Good Kind Folks Yuck to
    Play Their HeART Strings for so many Nefarious

    Purposes Yet On the Other Hand i Too Take in Many
    Skeptics For What i Believe in too With Max Faith and

    Love True as i No Longer Materially Reduce the World

    And See A Much Bigger Picture Than Many of the Folks

    i Get Along With Great Who Are More Closed Minded Definitely

    Do Not ‘See’ Yet You Know What Kindness That is Sincere Most Often

    Wins No Matter Who We Deal With in Life As Long As We Don’t Vault

    Our Own Value So Far Above What We May See as Their Misgivings in Life

    i Have Very Warm Connections
    That Are Lasting in ‘The Real World’ New
    Wherever i Go Now And What those Warm

    Connections Have Most in Common in A Most
    Conservative oF All Areas in the United States

    Is No Different Than What i Give Share Care
    And Heal in Every Other Real Country of the World

    i Visit Each and Every Day As An Avatar Ouch Fitting
    All 247.2 Pounds in A Fiber Optic Cable As i Weighed in At The End of A
    Full Day of Singing At Church And Dancing All Around This Metro Area

    In Public too now Moving to 17,288 Miles of Public Dancing in 109 Months

    Yep The Power of Fearless Love is Mighty Grand When it is Able to Overlook

    The Misgivings of Others in For Giving Thanks Giving Ways Of Life and Love

    With A Real Attitude of Gratitude For All of Life DarK Thru LiGHT Such Joy Real…

    It’s Not Easy For Many Folks

    to Do A Major Requirement

    New Now Is to Attain and Maintain

    Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete

    Incarnate Love For Real And Make

    This A Great Human Planet Again

    Acronyms Not Necessary When Ya
    Sincerely Dance And Sing it Every
    Day Fearless And Loving Free Yet

    Of Course Folks Will Be Skeptical
    of Human Altruism As The Faucet
    Has Verily Been Dripping Less ‘These Days’…

    i Believe in Real Magic As The More i Go in Creative
    Flow in the Last 109 Months The More it Seems Like
    All is Mind of God And Some Of us Become More Aware

    Of All the Connections We More Likely Fit into When We Do

    Truly Become Enlightened in An Autotelic Flow of Creativity

    And So Much More of Our Mind Opens Up And Connects

    To All of Existence in Many Ways That Are So Hard

    To Put into Words As Basically the Dance And

    Song Dances and Sings Itself And That

    Little ‘Chatter Box Ego’ Is Mostly

    A Spectator of my SoUL

    Realizing it is No Longer

    The Director And Producer
    And Only Player of my Show and Tell…

    It’s Probably Why It’s So Rare to Find an Original
    Creative Artist Who Considers themselves A Militant
    Atheist As They Have Stepped Their Toe in the Ocean of Soul Whole

    New Now And Become Lost in A Elixir of Reality Yet Found So Very Reliably

    NoW iN Flow Just Like MaGiC And Miracles Come to LiGHT For Real Yes

    At Best Leaving Fumes of Art For Some Map From WHeRE We Come…

    For Those Who Study The Reality Cross-Cultural Similarities Are


    Yes GLoBaLLY
    Wide At Least
    For Those Who
    May Relate to A
    Much Larger And
    Colorful ReaLiTY oF LiGHT FeeLeD LiFE…

    True From What i’ve ‘Seen’ For Real ‘X-Men’ Pale in Comparison…

    For Once Again So Much of the Experience is Beyond All Words Ineffable For Real.


    Avec espoir ce week-end dernier en as-tu bien profité. Moi, à peu près
    C’est avec sourire que je viens auprès des tiens et toi mème t’apporter du bonheur au sein de ta demeure
    Je te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde
    Bonne et agréable journée, bon mois d’octobre
    bise amicale Bernard


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