But the night won’t let it be right

I caught my shadow on the silver light

I was given such a fright

Out of my right eye, I caught a sight

It went through my chest and held onto my might

I put on my armour and am my own knight

But the night won’t let it be right

The nightmares push forth and I must fight

But it’s sad to have to shield and be so tight

The night is grueling and quite a blight

But it is not I that it thus does affright

The shield was for you but the time has come to render smite

I yield to the moonlight

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam Human Minds
    Such Vast Unique Worlds From BLack
    Abyss to Grey SHades of Soul to Colors

    Beyond Rainbows
    SPiRiTS Commanding
    Dancing Singing Souls Free

    Escaping Nightmares in Day
    Following Dreams Until Night Becomes Day

    Precipice Tween NiGHT And DaY DarK And LiGHT
    Heaven And HeLL ONLY NoW Purgatory Tween New

    For Real As Creativity
    Breeds Best As Night
    Meets Day Dark Meets
    LiGHT Heaven KiSSinG Hell Again

    Other Than That Wishing You A Soothing Sleep..:)


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