The psychology of why I eat at the bar: It’s all about the ear

When I traveled all the time for work  there were times when I would go out to eat by myself. Not often, because I often traveled with team members and eating out together was often a blast. We went by the mantra of work hard, play hard. However, those times I did go out on my own I started to eat at the bar.  It felt more comfortable and one had ready access to not only a cocktail but also an ear.

An ear! Yes, indeed. And, I loved it. I’m a bit of a talker. As a kid I was a champion storyteller. I can tell a tale. And, both fortunately and unfortunately, I have lived through many tales. 

Now, even when with another person, I more often than not, still eat at the bar. You get an intermediary to help settle debates. You get the real story of the place. You almost always end up with either a free dessert or drink. You get to be social yet also intimate. Instead of across the table, you can talk to the person to you side-by-side. You literally get to speak to their ear. There’s something to be said about that.

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  1. SMiLes If It’s True Someone’s Ear May
    Be Talked Off Dear Miriam That Social
    Animal With Mostly Ears And Few Words

    A Description of me the First 5 Decades of
    Life Particularly Serving Out Rental Shoes
    And Managing A Military Bowling Center A
    Total of 18 Years A Full Generation Then A Bit

    Of ‘Cheers’ Always Behind
    The Counter of Real Rental
    Shoe Exchange or Literally
    At The Snack Bar Serving
    Alcoholic Beverages There
    too Some Nights Running the
    Entire Establishment Solo Including
    Making Quick Repairs on Machines too

    Truly Leaving A Pool of Sweat Everywhere
    i Ran All 8 Hours Laps Around that Place on

    (True 3 Degrees in College Prepared me for
    None of That Hehe First World Problems Real)

    Saturday Night As Up to 100’s of Folks Enjoyed
    What i Served Up to them For Recreation as my

    Job to Serve the Military And Other Folks Morale
    Welfare And Recreation Yes THiS Way True Not Unlike
    ‘Ted Danson’ And Any Other Bar Tender Behind Those Counters

    i Heard Many Life And Sea Stories Indeed Always nodding and smiling
    Yet Rarely Returning a Word in Exchange Yet True i Laser Focused on
    The Human Before me As A True Face of God as i Tend to Do that With
    Words As Avatars of Soul Folks Dance And Sing Free Online True Too

    My Mother and Some Other Relatives Particularly Elders Told
    Long Stories too i Wondered if i Would Ever Be Fully Human

    That Way as it seems i did Too Much Damned Input in Life

    To Ever Learn How to Output Socially in Words Particularly

    In Grade School, High School, And University True Hehe

    Oh Change Now i Have Stories to Give Away Share

    Care and Heal For Real New Now Like At the Gym
    on Friday Night as i’ve been Working Out
    Religiously for Literally 50 Years since
    Age 12 Yep Even on Friday Nights

    When Everyone Was Out Getting
    Drunk And A Young Athletic Looking
    Man Has Been Coming in Solo Seemingly
    Loss From His Party FRiEnDS too so i found
    myself working Out Next to Him and said Bending
    Down Slowly With Some Repetitive Muscle Strain Injuries
    Making it Hard to Reach Down With A Pin and Lift the Whole

    Stack of Weight As i Said This is What it Means to Grow Old
    You Can Still Lift The Whole Stack You Are Just A Bit Slow at
    62 Putting the Pin in at the Bottom Of the Stack And Then He
    Related He Had A Full Scholarship to Play Football in College
    Yet His Senior Year Someone Tackled Him And Crushed His

    Knee Blowing it Out Completely
    Requiring Replacement Parts
    So Young in Athletics That Way

    i Asked Him if Football Was Worth
    it to Him Now He Basically Said Hell No

    Yet i Lauded Him For Coming In Solo and
    Not Quitting to Make Himself The Best He
    Will With All the Tools Still At Hand That Work

    And Of Course i told him my Life Story to Inspire
    Him Hehe You’ve heard that Many Instances Like

    Old Sea Stories Retired Salty Old Sailors Repeat Over
    and Over Again too Yet There is A Warmth Indeed for
    The Story Teller That is As Warm As Lending Ears Only

    For Decades
    True too With
    SMiLes i Remember
    All Their Stories Like They
    Are Still Today Mostly Bar Fights
    Hehe Yet Everyone Fulfills Their Dreams Someway For Real…

    Always a Pleasure Hearing Your Stories Dear Miriam it Makes
    me Very Happy to Hear Them Each and Every Day to Get
    Inspired And to Feel Very Warm And Human Both By

    Ear and
    Yes SoUL
    SPiRiT HeART FeLT True..:)

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  2. I only ever eat at bars when I am on my own. It’s the best vantage point, you can see who’s there and you can engage or disengage as you like. Plus if you befriend the bartender, you often get an extra shot of something, a free drink or some free munchies. When I was in NYC last month, I sat at a bar in a pizza restaurant called Kesté and made friends with the bartender and got all sorts of yummy and alcoholic freebies. Great post, Mimi.

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