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I did not subscribe to that channel, not today

It has been an excruciatingly long week. Really long. Everything seemed to boil up this week. I’m the type of person who tries to fix everything and be there for everyone. However, that is a long slog. You can’t be everything for everyone. I had some wins this week. Actually, some huge wins for work. Although, I’m not going to be able to shine the light on those accomplishments. That, in itself, is sadness. We should never have to dim our light. The dimming of our light is a real everyday concern that needs to be addressed. We shouldn’t be subject to such actions by others. We also need to stand firm and know what we stand for.

In trying to process all these thoughts someone advised me that what I was saying was that I was not going to be part of someone’s drama. I was not subscribing to that channel. Not today. Not tomorrow.

It’s time to sleep now. Time to store away these thoughts and deepen my confidence. I know my dreams can take me there.

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  1. After A Long Week And Hopefully
    After All the Clinics Close And Hopefully
    If You Really Get A Couple Days off Not on

    Call And Such 24-7 Hell Like That That Was
    Almost 24-7 For me For Many Years is Yes Thank

    God It’s

    Friday Hehe

    For me Thank

    God It’s Everyday
    New Now Perhaps For You One
    Day Soon Enough Dear Miriam to
    Enjoy Just Doing You Now New too With SMiLes..:)


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