When you try to be something for everyone,  you inevitably miss being there for yourself

I often, in the past, have digressed plenty while writing my short bits of daily insights. I do want to noted that autocorrect just tried to change the intended word of “insights” to insults. It’s somewhat funny. I would truly like to do a daily insults comment. It could just be at an extremely abstract level or I could be very specific. However, because it’s more fun to leave people guessing, I’d be am abstract insult column. Maybe, I already am. But, I have now indulged in my digression tendency.  I caved in. It’s ok. What I have to say next is rather simple.

Let’s note the following. When you try to be something for everyone, you inevitably miss being there for yourself. Plain as can be. You help person X, Y, Z. You worry about person A, B, C. You tend to person L,M,N. You create space for person F,G, H. But where are you? You’re missing from the equation. You can’t be something for everyone, because you get lost in the shuffle and alphabet soup.

I’m not saying to forget empathy, sympathy, and helpfulness. Never. However, you must carve a space out to help yourself. Others will also help you, as you have helped them. But you need to intentionally create space for you to nourish and grow yourself. You’ll be an even better helper by nurturing yourself.

Self-care is ethical.

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  1. Oh Dear Yes Dear Miriam
    A Space for Introspection
    Verily A Place Writing Takes
    You In Blogging i imagine Yes

    i Remember Trying To Figure Out
    How i Became All Broken With my
    Psychiatrist Way Back in 2008 and His

    Observations Already Were That Most Humans
    Don’t Have Any Space Left For Introspection And

    He Wouldn’t Be Surprised if We Lose Our Ability to Verbally
    Speak to Each Other Sort of Like Regressing on the Autism
    Spectrum Again Before Age 4 Like me Without A Word to Speak

    Yet Totally Culturally Derived
    As What Room Is Left After
    Hours of Facebook News
    Feeds And Instagram
    News Feeds and
    Twitter News
    Feeds and
    Oh God It Never
    Ends All the Quotes
    Everyone Else Writes too

    Yet What About You and me
    And Us And We Who The Hell
    Are We if We Haven’t Already Arrived
    to the Place i Already Went True Out in the

    Cotton Fields Picking Cotton From Day Break
    to Sunset There is Plenty of Space For Introspection

    Yet Not So Much in Front of Screens Part of Someone
    Else’s Directed And Produced Play of Life and So Many More

    Yet What About You and me And Us And We Who the Hell Are We…

    Of Course There are Other ‘Minor Responsibilities’ Like Being A CEO
    of 5 Health Care Clinics in New York City And Such As That oh How Sacred
    And Holy An Activity Writing on Blogs Must Be For You True my Only Space

    For Introspection of Finding Sanctity in this Place of Life For Decades Were
    The Hours i Spent Mowing the Frigging Grass A Bit of Heaven Behind the

    Fumes And the Dust of Grass Left Behind Anyway Once Again i am a Leaf
    That Feeds A Tree Green Falling to Winter Souls to Sprout Soul of Summer
    Flower Colors Year ‘Round It’s True The Circle of Life All At Once LoVE NoW..:)


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