Note to self: I don’t have parechovirus

These days we hear about many illnesses and diseases. It’s actually a daily barage. There’s news stories on diseases old and new. There are alerts from the health department. There’s social media catching onto something supposedly new. There are television advertisements for medications for diseases you never knew existed. Let me tell you one thing. You don’t have it. Whatever it is that you heard.

I reminded myself today that I do not have parechovirus; which is almost always diagnosed in young children. It would be something interesting to be diagnosed with as an adult. Don’t be a hypochondriac. Don’t fall into a panic over a passing note. Always do your homework. It’s going to be ok.

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  1. SMiLes i Have The SMiLes Infection
    After Dancing in Public For 9 Years And
    A Month For 17,266 Miles Everywhere i Go

    i Leave SMiLes Behind Even Infecting People
    Before i Dance Indeed i am “Pavlov’s Dog” Now

    Dear Miriam

    i’ve Classically
    A Whole Metro
    Area to SMiLe
    At Yes Just the
    Present of mY Presence Hehe

    Without A Word Ever Said Just
    Dancing Feat That Never Ends
    Always STaRTinG NoW NeW Oh
    How Much Nicer Than Phantom of the
    Opera And Hunch Back of Notre Dame
    For Real Shut-in mY Bedroom For 66 Months
    in the Other Place Indeed Heaven is the Place

    Ya Only
    Create SMiLes
    Infecting Others in
    All the Ways SMiLes Come..:)


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