Loneliness in the workplace

Loneliness has always been a “secret” problem. Most people think about loneliness occuring in people’s personal lives. However, loneliness occurs in tne workplace as well. And, it can be quite demoralizing and detrimental.

If you spend eight hours in an office during which time you can’t have a real connection, you could feel yourself disassociate from work and even suffer more burn out. Now, add in a pandemic where you may have been working remotely. Loneliness can be a heavy weight to shoulder.

Personally, because I work in healthcare, I made my way into the clinic most days during the pandemic- in part to be with other people.

Further, I have also seen that when a close colleague leaves the jobplace, many have to find a new person who they can just touch base with throughout the day. Otherwise, they feel a bit lost.

In thinking through the changing workplace, we also need to think about such things as loneliness and how we help people (team members) feel connected and part of a team. Overall, it is good for mental health and workplace goals and outcomes

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  1. Being Part of Something More Than
    Lonely Cogs in A Machine indeed Dear
    Miriam Helping People Feel This Way More

    At Work And Even Play too A Challenge And
    A Service of Giving Sharing Caring Healing

    For Real Just Reading A Longitudinal Study
    Today For All Demographics of Generations

    Currently Across the Life Span And The Generations

    Under the Age of 30 Have Suffered The Most During the

    Pandemic in Terms of Assessed Neuroticism And Faltering

    Conscientiousness As Well With Depression And Anxiety

    Seriously Effecting Day to Day Functioning For Real

    With So Many Folks Unable to Afford the Mental

    Health Care They Need And This Is Our Future

    AS Humanity in this Country True Their

    Issues Are Core to What This Country

    And Really The Rest of The Globe Will Come to
    Be The Study Didn’t Assess Much Change in Ages
    30 to 65 Yet The Ones Who Actually Reduced Empirical
    Measures of Neuroticism And Increased Conscientiousness
    Were the Older Generations Past 65 As Of Course Many have
    Socio-Economic Greater Benefits and Enough Anchors to Stay
    Safe in Harbor And Not Get Sailed Away into Chaos Out of Order…

    Mental Health is A Big Deal
    Indeed And Sadly We Focus
    Way too Much on Metrics of
    What We Do Than Who We Are As i Am

    As Of Course A Mentally and Emotionally
    Stable Human Being Fully Embodied With
    Sensory Integration As Well Will Naturally Be
    More Creative And Productive in Every Way in This Way

    Mental Health is


    True If We Neglect These Issues in Ignorance A Bigger Picture May Take A Fall…

    Yet Of Course it Has to Be Folks Like You Who Can And Will Actually Make


    As These Are
    Just Fumes From
    An Art of Autotelic
    Flow That Includes Words…

    As Oh Lord my Feet and Legs
    Are Way too Tired to Dance Anymore Today..:)


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