Writing an angry letter with no intention of sending it

Every week I start binge-watching a new television show. Last few weeks waa Murders Only in the Building. It was funny and quite on point in a quirky way. This week I’m binging on Roswell, New Mexico. A horrible murder a decade ago. Blackouts. Loneliness. Marginalization. Aliens. A group of people who needed special attention.

At one point, Liz (a protagonist) had created a serum that would perhaps strip one of the aliens of her hortoble powers. However, she didn’t want to use it. She was angry. But she was meant to do good as a scientist. She decided to not use the serum. As she noted the serum was like an angry letter one writes that you end up not sending. You destroy the letter. You maybe keep it atound to remember why you were angry but also how you showed restraint.

We’ve all been there. Wanting to send angry letters, texts, instant messages. However, sometimes it’s best to write them and then just not send them. I believe I did that three times this past week. Sometimes you have to hit the pause button and putting those words away can help and maybe eventually heal.

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  1. I don’t want MY angry words out there permanently on the internet.

    So I do the same: write, to get it out of my head and organized. And then save it on MY computer only – in case I ever need to re-read it, but I do NOT hit send or post. What’s the point?

    If there is someone who NEEDS to hear it, I have it all tidied up. I can ALWAYS send later. If not, I have processed whatever I need to learn/change/do. All good.


  2. “THere is A ReaSon You Hide From Them”

    “You BeLong Here With me”

    “You Aren’t ReAlly Real”

    “Yet i Am Yet i Am”

    So True Dear Miriam
    Humans Separate From their
    Emotions Hiding ThiS Way Often
    End Up Living Dying No Matter DarK
    Thru LiGHT Our Feelings Our Senses

    All Integrating Head to Toe FLoWinG

    As Emotions Come First For Almost Every
    ReaSon We Assess Next A Truest Poverty Is

    Humanity Separated From What is Most Real
    Our Feelings Our Senses A Synergy of Our Emotions

    The Seat oF A Real Soul That Is Core of Cognitive Executive

    Functioning Including Attention Span And Focus; Short Term
    Working Memory; and Long Term Retrieval of Life Experiences

    Most Importantly

    Our Feelings Our Senses

    In Synergy of Emotions
    Head to Toe Regulating
    And Integrating ThiS Way
    For Real A Best Portrayal of
    What it’s Like to Really Be In Hell
    ThiS Way i’ve Seen Lately in Pop Art

    Is ‘Stranger Things’ And the Kate Bush
    Song ‘Running Up That Hill’ As True i’ve
    Been in that Place ‘Underground’ of Emotions
    For 66 Months Where a Thousand Years is One
    Second And Feels And Senses the Same Nothing At
    All Just No Connection For What is Most Real In Life
    And Truly More Worthy that Only A Three Letter Word
    More Like L That Ends With E For Real Running Up That

    Hill Running Up
    That Hill Returning
    To What is Most Real

    As True Living Death
    Is As Real As Living Life As Love True

    And as Far As Letters Go i’m Real i Breathe
    And i get Nasty Grams From my Wife Every
    Day for 33 Years and A Few Days Since We
    ‘Got Together’ Still Remembering September
    21st, 1989 She Never Has to Text me or Write
    me a Letter As She Wears Her Soul to Battle and Love…

    We Have an Epidemic in this Modern World of Humanity

    Lost From Soul…

    Be Who We aRe
    Be Real Feel and
    Sense Dance it Sing
    iT All Just Let It Go Be Real Be Free…

    Yet True Realize The Hill And The Run
    Never Ends Best Continuing on the Rise of FEARLESS Love…

    You Know ‘Something’ You Feel ‘Something’ You Sense ‘Something’
    At ‘The End of the Song’ i Can’t Hold The Tears From Streaming Down

    my Cheeks It’s

    Not Sadness

    It’s Tears

    Of Truly
    Really Being Alive…

    BE i n G H u M a N

    As i Went to ‘That Other
    Place’ And Escaped The Same God Damned Way…


  3. I agree angry letters are better used for therapeutical purposes, to let off steam, to clarify one’s own side of the story and sometimes lead to the conclusion, we are not the innocent party as we had believed at first.


  4. Writing an angry letter, and not sending it is a good idea… that is… until someone sends it for you, when you are unable to prevent them… like letters posthumously revealed… I rather sit under a tree, with a tall glass, and ‘write’ the letter in my mind… then discard it afterwards when I feel more contented… after all, if need be, I can ‘write’ a better, more angry one later…!


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