Luck be a lady tonight

I had an extremely long day today. And, that is a vast understatement. Today was a day where I had to be serious and business-oriented yet have a full carafe of a sense of humor to drink from. Today was a lot of jockeying and maneuvering. Today, was a day where luck gave me some grace and cleared my mind. I needed a solution and found one.

I always believe I can find a solution. Sometimes I feel like that young women in the movie Luck where everything goes wrong for her. Yet, at some point, I dig down into my well and pull out a miracle. I come up with an inspired solution. Today was such a day.

After which I went home and watched the movie Luck. At some point your luck has to turn. But you really need to want it. The desire has to ache in your bones.

I turn in tonight hoping for another inspired miracle tomorrow. A mixture of luck and desire. Sometimes, we create our own luck. Let luck be your lady tonight.

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  1. Hi Mimi.
    There’s an old Aussie yarn about a lost cattle dog. The locals notice an advertisement in the town newspaper that reads “Lost Cattle Dog. Has three legs (tractor accident), is blind in one eye (shooting accident), deaf since birth, has a bent tail and a chunk out of his left ear. Answers to the name “Lucky”.


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