The words of a charlatan




1,000 words a minute

Unremarkable, yet fantastic

Punctuated in all the wrong places

Randomly set

Just between us

Honestly, honestly

Like a butterfly song

Flitter and flutter

You want to believe because its so pretty

But don’t turn your brain off

Don’t be fleeced of goodwill

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  1. True There Are Way too Many
    “my Pillow Folks” in The World
    Best Not to Be Caught Up in the

    Hardee’s Drive Through Half-Asleep
    For the Old Angry Dude’s Breakfast Club

    When the FBI Come Charging With A Subpoena

    And Confiscates

    An iPhone
    Without even
    A New Request to
    Purchase Another ‘Fox Pillow Talk’
    Oh Where Lemon Sellers Go, hehe
    Dear Miriam With SMiLes Always An

    ‘Art of the Deal’
    to Eventually
    Stink Stank
    Stunk Trump too
    Coming to A Painted
    On Blonde And Orange


    or Even
    Sooner Next…

    As The Wicked Orange
    Blonde Witch of the West
    Melts With Water of Justice
    in A Pool of Painted on Blonde And Orange

    As Flying Minion Monkeys Come Untethered AS Such

    Yuck And That Stuff Running Down Giuliani’s Face

    Sort of Like What Happened
    With The ‘Imagine Dragons’
    And A ‘Radio-Active’ Dungeon
    With the Revenge of the Stuffed Animals As such..:)


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