Embrace the mess

This week I finished binge-watching Pretty Little Liars. I had seen it before but had not fully followed it. And, now I was able to make connections that I hadn’t before. Now that I finished binge watching seven seasons of a television show I felt a twinge of sadness. The lies were ridiculous and the plots outrageous. But they were fun. I did wonder for a second what were the lessons learned from watching such a show. Obviously, lies are bad. Obviously, shouldn’t get caught. Also, the lie should not be mediocre or in-between the outrage spectrum. Either, completely non-outrageous or extremely outrageous.

Either way, I need a new show to binge-watch. I decided to start watching Only Murders in Building. I’m into episode four now. The lesson I have learned thus far is to embrace the mess. Nothing, from a television show (well except for Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has been so on point for my life. Just embrace the mess. It won’t get any less messy. If you don’t embrace it, you will be consumed by the mess. Hug it out! Cuddle with it. Well, maybe that’s too far. But the mess is there to be moved along.

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