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I think I wrote in my sleep

Last week I did something I have rarely done in my 10 years of blogging. I put out two posts in one day. Interestingly enough for me, I didn’t recall writing both of them and setting out to post them on the same day.

There are times that I write posts as I’m getting ready to sleep. I get a spark of an idea and just get to writing it quickly so as to not forget the idea. Ironically, that quick move to write it all down may have let to me forgetting about it.

The two posts concerned an ode to my mother and the act of falling apart and how it is ok to let it happen. Two seemingly disparate thoughts. But there they went out hand-in-hand. I’ll just let that percolate in my brain for a bit. Perhaps, I’ll write about it with more insight, from within my sleep.

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  1. That’s so interesting. Sounds almost like entering flow state. I myself only remember entering that state a handful of times in my life, and even then, I don’t remember per se, but I notice that I _don’t_ remember writing. The words just flowed out of me. What bliss to be in. Anyway, wishing you more writing sessions like this!


  2. “Dreamtime” ‘That Place’ EternAlly NoW
    New Of Co-Creativity in Theta Approaching
    Delta Brain Waves Before Sleep
    SMiLes iMaGiNE What Might
    Happen if One May Enter That
    State of Creativity at
    Will A World
    of Dreamtime
    Will Come to Page
    in Words And Steps of Dance
    True Dear
    It’s A
    World of
    CreativitY iNDeeD..:)


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