Oh my, oh my: What’s there to say?

I’m exhausted. Tired. Sleepy. Yet exhilarated. Even with unfair, uncaring people roaming the streets like zombies, doors may open. There are many possibilities yet we often forget they exist. We get caught up in mini-dramas. But we shouldn’t forget, life is do much more. It’s cliche to say we must live in the open. Or that we must live for a brighter future that will come. Things can be better. Things can get better. I reminded myself today that I am a sunny curmudgeon. With an emphasis on sunny. So, that’s what thete is to say. Live it up. Meet new people. Stick with the uncanny, quirky ones. Leave negativity to the side and behind. Those who choose to constantly focus on the negative shouldn’t get far with you. There’s only bad acid reflux to be had. And, yes this was a midnight stream of consciousness. Oh my. Oh my. How fun. Sail away. Sail away!

I welcome your thoughts

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