Where’s your funny bone?

Shiny happy people. The college rock band REM sang about them a few decades ago. Supposedly, there were “Shiny happy people holding hands
Shiny happy people laughing.” But as Paula Cole once asked where’d all the cowboys go, I ask where’d all the happy people go? Seriously! I like to self-describe as a sunny curmudgeon but I’m funny and can take and throw a joke. But the tickle bunny appears to have been put out to pasture. Someone once asked where’s the beef. Now we need to ask where’s your funny bone?

Now, before people make a joke, they often pause. A multitude of considerations and formulas come into play. Now, we keep track of who we can joke with. This scorecard is getting tedious to upkeep. Look, I’m not looking to offend people. I’m very social justice oriented. However, I want to have a good belly laugh every day. Yes, every day. I’m greedy that way. It works out the stomach muscles. How can you go wrong with that?

Here’s the deal. I refuse to stop laughing. I refuse to stop making jokes. If you’re a sour puss go elsewhere. Who needs that vibe when we are coming out of a pandemic and have had to be fearful of many things?

Watch a funny movie. Learn some silly dad jokes. Laugh in a meeting. Be self-depracating. Make a Kardashian joke. There’s always one to make. Laugh. Smile. Be happy. Be shiny. Dance. Skip. Jump in a puddle. Be filled with mirth. Raise an eyebrow. Pucker your lips. Ignore those who can’t laugh or understand the concept of levity. Find your funny bone. Then go along for the ride.

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  1. Oh Beauty of the Funny
    Bone Laughter Rarely Falls

    Unless One Smiles And is
    Spit Upon Oh What A Joy

    Those With

    No Funny Bones

    Now i Rise Unimpeded
    With No Saliva Exchanged Hehe
    Nope i Didn’t Take “the Other Joker’s”


    After A
    Laugh AS Such
    Yet Yep Not Everyone
    Overcomes The Spit Indeed…

    Fortunately i Never Got A Punch Line,


    Yes Humor
    Will Be QuiET
    Strange Dear Miriam

    Still Turning on my heART



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